This is the official Billie Eilish Fanon Wiki where anyone, including you, can edit! Here you make anything fan-made got to do with Billie Eilish, from albums, EPs, songs and so on. None of the information on this wiki is real or true, it is all fan-made! Be creative and have fun on this fanon wiki!

For real information on Billie Eilish, check out her fandom wiki:

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Welcome to Billie Eilish Fanon Wikia!


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Help Wanted!

  • Make fiction pages for Billie
  • Make sure no one is breaking the rules.
  • Help out with coding and decorating
  • Have fun!


  • This was originally a Poppy Fanon Wiki but it was already made so it was turned into a Billie Eilish Fanon Wiki
  • The current owner of this wiki is Violetthegirl
  • The admin of this wiki is SnoeLeopard (but we are looking for more!)
  • The wiki was adopted on April 11, 2020 by Violetthegirl.


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